Hey MTV Welcome To My Crib: Episode 1

Floating Reverie's //2WEEKS Residency


Would you like some tea?

Don’t say no, I might take offense. 
I don’t have any coffee, it gives me anxiety and gives me heart palpitations.
Cup and saucer, both are round. I’m not the same Alice who lived in Wonderland but I do wonder about land.
Welcome to my world of spheres. My art teacher in primary school always said anyone who can draw perfect circles is mad. I started practicing how to make perfect circles since that day. Now my world is round.
Just like yours.
The only working appliance I have here is this scale. I wonder about quality and quantity in that internet place. I log on every day to check my worth. 
There goes the ball of doom, everything is standing still. 
Watch your cup, your tea might spill.
Time to go!

“I’m late. For a very important date! No time to say “Hello”, goodbye!
I’m Late!"


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