Hey MTV Welcome To My Crib: Episode 3

Floating Reverie's //2WEEKS Residency



This is my home. 
If you know me you know how important this space has been to my growth and personality.

My family and I moved here when I was in grade 1. A cute house with yellow walls, huge windows with wooden window frames,  and the biggest yard I had ever seen. It was something I had seen in storybooks, a small cute house with lots of trees, a little hill and a lemon tree. It instantly became a space where I could explore. My imagination grew and there was enough space for all my ideas and fantasies. As I grew older it became a space where I would isolate myself, it felt safe and nothing else peaked my interests( even if they did, it felt like too much effort leaving). I started noticing the things I always loved about it and started documenting myself in the space. History repeated itself, my imagination grew and I became even more attached. I haven't stopped exploring, I think it is magical. 


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