Hey MTV Welcome To My Crib: Episode 4

Floating Reverie's //2WEEKS Residency




Have you ever taken a selfie then as soon as you capture the image heard a sound that sounds like a giant vacuum cleaner going off?
Well MTV that's what happened to me. My house on earth turned into a portal and dragged me into Limbo Town. Limbo Town is pretty much just an awkward stretch between earth and space. All I have from my old crib are these two lampshades, I tried to make them look cute for this interview. Thank you for coming to my channel. 

Also, I've heard stories about aliens and I wanna be ready for that moment, I hated high school cause I felt isolated and that is not going to be the case here. New life, new me. 

I found this Nokia phone floating up here and it has three more bars. I get to play lots of that Snake game and I fill my time doing that.
Being up here is slowly starting to distort my features but I'm kinda into that. Anyway, MTV, get me back to earth. So glad you guys are my rescue team, I promise my living situation is only temporary but at least it's aesthetically pleasing.


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