How things tend to feel.

(deep sigh)

It's often easy to feel like the best to ever do it and unestablished simultaneously as a young creative. 
The lack of balance can really leave you feeling hopeless.
Super busy or inspired one day then uninspired and flat the next four. 
Meeting deadlines for external projects and killing them and then being unable to carry out your own.
Liking all your homies work on Insta and feeling the pressure to produce the same level of work.
Making some really cool work and getting chocked by imposter syndrome minutes later. 

It is going to take time to get used to this. 
It is going to take time to do without second-guessing yourself. 
It is going to take time to feel worthy.

It is going take time to be where you want to be. 

Image by me
Edit by me 
May 2019


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